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May 7, 2019

Dear SVPWD Valued Customer,


We are reaching out to you to update you on a project going on in Mahomet. You may have seen the workers and boring machines in various places around town. That operation is a company called Campus Communication Group (CCG) who plans to install fiber optic internet service for businesses and homeowners within Mahomet.



Recently, Sangamon Valley Public Water District (SVPWD) was approached by CCG and the Village of Mahomet to discuss the installation of their product within the SVPWD boundaries. Through our discussions and planning SVPWD has concerns about how you, our customers, might be affected. CCG's plan for boring has potential to damage water lines for our customers. Our primary concern centers around who is responsible for fixing/paying for a damaged water line.



Currently, the SVPWD Ordinances and locating responsibilities require that we only locate service lines that we have installed. SVPWD currently only owns the water mains - all individual service lines from the main to a home are owned by the homeowner and were installed by the builder/contractor hired by the builder to install those service lines.


CCG is requesting that SVPWD locate and take responsibility for lines that run through the right of way where they plan to bore and bury their cable. We are hesitant to do that because ultimately, that would make us responsible for any line that we located, that is hit in that right of way based on the JULIE locating rules. This ultimately would result in you, the customer paying for these damages as we are a user's district and all our revenues come from your water usage; we are not a taxing body that receives revenue for that property. The problems with this again are:


  1. We don't own the service lines in the right of way - that is the responsibility of the homeowner.

  2. Either the Village of Mahomet or the Township of Mahomet is the owner of those right of ways and is the taxing body that receives revenue for the maintenance of those right of ways - currently, the Village is not willing to take ownership or pay for any damages that occur in the right of waynorth of 74. They are currently working with CCG to fix and pay for damages in right of ways south of 74. As of this letter, SVPWD is not aware that CCG has reached out to the Township at all for discussions about the logistics of this project.

  3. It is SVPWD ' s position that as the taxing body , the Village of Mahomet or the Township, should be taking the same responsibility for all of the right of ways that they own - who provides the water that flows through that right of way is irrelevant when the ownership and jurisdiction for those areas are taxed and maintained by the Village of Mahomet or the Township of Mahomet.

  4. It is our position that CCG is required to take appropriate care when in comes to boring, and their current process does not include potholing for service lines which we believe is the most effective way to ensure lines are not hit during their installation process.



SVPWD is committed to working with both the Village of Mahomet and CCG to facilitate this project within the guidelines of our Ordinances and in a way that protects our customers; as water users as well as owners of the Water District. SVPWD believes that the safest way to accomplish this is by agreeing that:


  1. CCG expose each homeowner's service line and verify the line is deep enough and will not get damaged during the boring process. Location of the service line does not impact potential damage it is the depth of the water line that is important to know.

  2. The Water District and its customers do not assume any liability for water line or property damage. The liability should be borne by the contractor and/or shared vvith the taxing body which is the Village of Mahomet.



SVPWD will continue to work with CCG and the Village to try to bring this project north of I-74. However, we must come to an agreement that is not overly burdensome on the district and ultimately you, our customers. We have currently offered to assist CCG with locating Shut Off box lids. This will enable CCG to expose the water service line and find the critical path to damage prevention which is the depth of the water service line. To date, CCG has indicated that this process would slow their operations and increase their costs beyond what they are willing to pay to install their service. We have approached the Village of Mahomet to understand why the right of ways are being treated differently for our water district than with theirs, but we are still in talks about how to resolve this issue. We will continue to work with both CCG and the Village of Mahomet; however, we caimot agree to take responsibility for locating service lines and set our customers up for damages to their water lines and the costly repairs that might result from that damage.


Please feel free to contact the District with any ideas, comments or questions regarding this project. As always, we are committed to protecting the safety and quality of your water as well as your ownership in the financial health of the District.


Kerry Gifford

General Manager


We have included the relevant Ordinances related to this project for your review:
3.11 District's Responsibility and Liability

Ownership, Installation, and Maintenance: The District shall install, own, inspect, operate, and maintain the complete water system, water mains (exclusive of water meters, service lin es, and shut­ off valves).

3.12 User Responsibility

The user shall furnish, install, and maintain water meters, service lines, and such valves, saddles, junctions, and/or other control devices as may be required for cmmection to the District's water mains.